The Untold Ordeal Of Tuface Idibia's Former Driver Who Died With Salaries Allegedly Unpaid

Going by the report getting to Reporterswall, Mr Benard Oyabure served the award-winning singer and entrepreneur for almost two decades. Was the driver driving when the singer was nearly assacxinated by armed men that riddled his car with bullets.

Mr Oyabure died on the 15 of November, a week today leaving three kids, a wife, Angela, a pile of bills and homeless as the Boys quaters they hitherto occupied was gutted with fire along side their properties.

Our source who pleaded to be anonymous said these were bills that would have been paid had Tuface Innocent Idibia paid up salaries owed Mr Oaybure, who died at the Naval Hospital located in Alakija, Lagos.

His words; ‘this story is about how Tuface abandoned Benard after being loyal to him for 18 years’.

Our source also told of how Angela, Benard’s wife is suffering in this trying time and how the singer is yet to make move to make amends or even extend his condolence.

Initial efforts to reach the singer proved abortive. We will be taking more steps so as to see that the side of the singer is heard.

Below are photos of Late Mr Benard, Tuface Idibia and Benard’s kids and another photo of Benard’s wife.

Benards kids and Tuface Hanging out
Late Benard’s Wife
Late Mr Benard