Tonto Dikeh Held Against Her Will In Dubai...The Many Reasons

It is no more news that Nigerian actress Tonto Charity Dikeh is still in Dubai, stuck? unconfirmed. Going by Instagram users they say the controversial actress is being held against her will in the country.

They are linking her inability to return to Nigeria to something she must have done and is held up in there paying the price.

The Instagram user that made the post that went viral says the is involved in toilet washing and some sort of coprophilia (interests in feces and defecation).

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A reader, iam_cutelove while commenting said, All I know is the tonto we all know won’t spend Xmas in Dubai and even new year if not bcs she was held. She hates spending time away from her son,Tonto will now leave her son for almost 2months now because of Dubai? Lol. I’m certain she’s being held. But why can’t she admit it and just be humble for once?

What do u think?

Read the Instagram post HERE: