Tony Momoh's Funeral Guidelines As Rolled Out By Grail Movement

The remains of Nigeria’s former Minister of Information, Prince Tony Momoh, who passed on in Abuja last week, will be interred on Grailland, Iju Hills, Lagos on Thursday, February 11, 2021, it has been announced.

The burial will be preceded by a Grail Funeral Hour of Worship in the Temple of God on Graill and at 4p.m on the same day, the Grail Movement -Nigeria says today, February 9, in a statement.

The statement issued also include an advisory on adherence to covid-19 protocols and other guidelines required of members of the public and media who wished to attend the event.

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Momoh, 81, an astute journalist, lawyer, author and profound thinker and writer especially on spiritual matters, is being accorded a Grail Funeral in accordance with his wish as an adherent of the Grail Message, a unique work of spiritual enlightenment that explains the true purpose of existence, creation, life mysteries and guides man on how to attain a happy and fulfilled life.

The movement, in the statement issued by Mr. Akin Orebiyii, explains that a funeral in the sense of the Grail Message, is essentially to help and support, in love, the departed fulfil his wishes for “continued joyful activity after earthly death and ultimately for the attainment of his longing for Paradise.”

Given the seriousness and importance, the occasion, it stresses, calls for absolute decorum and silence by participants throughout the ceremonies, as these imply active participation in the worship, veneration and honour of God, the Almighty Father of All, in all humility and honour.

Consequently, intending participants are enjoined to arrive Grailland not later than 2.30 p.m. for admission into the Temple fixed for between 3p.m. and 3.40p.m.

The statement warned that “No person will be granted entry once the Temple doors are closed.”

It further stipulates formal dressing either in native attire or Western clothes (suit with a tie for men; and for women, dresses which when seated must go below the knees with the sleeves covering the elbows), but indicates that both genders must leave their heads uncovered as a mark of humility to the Creator.

Also, use of telephone, camera or tape for audio or video recording or any other activity which may distract even for a moment the course of the funeral proceedings in the hall of worship or at the cemetery is prohibited.

Arrangements have been made to secure the gadgets which can be collected by the owners afterwards.

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The statement said there shall be no lying-in-state as with the social convention, as, out of respect for it, the human body is not to be displayed for exhibition and spectacle.

It therefore, advised journalists who wish to capture for their stories the arrival of the casket in Lagos from Abuja to either go to the airport on Thursday morning or do so as the hearse enters Grailland by 10a.m.

However, a place has been designated for taking of photographs with members of the family by the fountains at the entrance of the Pavilion Gate to the Temple. Photographs can also be taken on the grounds around the Assembly Hall and the Restaurant.

The movement said these measures are taken in reverence of the Omnipotent Creator because “upon entering the Temple on Grailland, we place ourselves in the presence of the Almighty Creator and this imposes obligations that go far beyond what would be demanded if one were to enter the presence of an earthly ruler” and, therefore, urges all dignitaries, friends and associates particularly in the media who wish to show their love and ‘pay their last respects’ to the departed to cooperate and comply with the guidelines.

The movement asks journalists wishing to cover the funeral to indicate so by sending their names and the media houses they represent for accreditation on or before 6p.m. on Wednesday, February 10, 2021 to either of these numbers: 0706 515 2026 or 0802 312 8538.

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Apart from the foregoing, all visitors must submit to strict COVID-19 protocols including wearing of face masks, sanitizing, washing of hands and having their temperature checked.

“In observing social distance regulations, the Temple which normally sits 2,000 persons will not take more than 900 participants at this time,” the statement said.


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