Thursday, October 6, 2022

Toyin Abraham And Lizzy Anjorin: Kemi Olunoyo Tries To Mediate

The battle between Nigerian actresses Lizzy Anjorin and Toyin Abraham is still raging. Lizzy is saying Toyin tried to drag her name to the mud by linking her to hard drugs and Toyin is saying she cannot do a thing like that as she vehemently denies it all.

Nigerian journalist Kemi Olunloyo being a friend has decided to step in and has said both ladies have invited her to visit them. Kemi while calling for peace shared a screenshot of evidence of Whatsapp message.

She says she spoke with both parties for one hour each.

Read her post below:

I spoke with both actresses for 60 mins each @toyin_abraham and @lizzyanjorin who wanted you to hear her Whatsapp message on my LIVE Facebook video. I have to intervene. As a Goodwill Ambassador and Peace maker, I found out the real problem. It’s the fanbase fueled by social media. Toyin swore that she would NEVER bring Lizzy down and if she did God can take her life. She says she has no control of her Titan fanbase who Lizzy says are vicious. Lizzy still insists Toyin “sent them” to cause her emotional and psychological despair and she hasn’t been able to leave her house due to threats from Toyin’s fans. Toyin refuses to address her fans via video as she does not want to bring negative content to her platform plus her new motherhood life comes first. Both actresses invited me to visit them at home and I will spend time with them soon. My ultimate goal is to bring the entertainment industry together. We have all said things in anger whether we meant it or not. Eyin fans ejoor. I’m on my knees. Let us embrace peace. More coverage coming. This is not Journalism, this is my quest for peace. Without social media video platforms, will you even know this? Nigeria is changing. Let’s make the world see us….in a better light. We are the GREATEST country in the world!! Dr #KemiOlunloyo

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