Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Trump Calls On Show To Fire Samantha Bee

President Donald Trump today, Friday asked why comedian Samantha Bee has not been fired for using the c-word to describe his daughter Ivanka on her TBS show.

Trump in no little way blasted Bee for calling the first daughter a “feckless c–t” — though he invited musician Ted Nugent, who once called Hillary Clinton the same vulgar term, to the White House in April 2017.

“Why aren’t they firing no talent Samantha Bee for the horrible language used on her low ratings show?” the president said in a tweet.

“A total double standard but that’s O.K., we are Winning, and will be doing so for a long time to come!” he added.

During a segment on the Trump administration separating border-crossing kids from their parents on Wednesday’s “Full Frontal,” Bee took aim at the first daughter for tweeting a photo of herself with her young son.

“You know, Ivanka, that’s a beautiful photo of you and your child, but let me just say, one mother to another: Do something about your dad’s immigration practices, you feckless c–t!’” Bee said in the segment, which TBS has since pulled from YouTube.

“He listens to you. Put on something tight and low cut, and tell your father to f–king stop it. Tell him it was an ‘Obama thing’ and see how that goes.”

Bee and TBS have apologized after she used the expletive.

“I would like to sincerely apologize to Ivanka Trump and to my viewers for using an expletive on my show to describe her last night,” Bee said in a statement Thursday.

“It was inappropriate and inexcusable. I crossed a line, and I deeply regret it.”

The incident came shortly after ABC cancelled Roseanne Barr’s eponymous show when she compared Valerie Jarrett, a former aide to President Obama, to an ape in a racist twitter meltdown.

Barr, a fervent supporter of the president, also has apologized.

Friday’s tweet was the second time in a week that Trump has referred to the media’s “double standard” toward him.

After “Roseanne” was cancelled, the president slammed ABC for apologizing to Jarrett but not to him.

”Iger, where is my call of apology? You and ABC have offended millions of people, and they demand a response. How is Brian Ross doing? He tanked the market with an ABC lie, yet no apology,” Trump wrote on his Twitter account, adding: “Double Standard!”

He was addressing Bob Iger, CEO of ABC’s parent Walt Disney Co. and the correspondent who reported incorrectly that Trump ordered his former national security adviser Michael Flynn to reach out to Russian officials before the election.

Meanwhile, Bee picked up an award at the 11th annual Television Academy Honors for her show Thursday night.

“Every week I strive to show the world as I see it unfiltered,” she said at the podium, IndieWire reported.

“Sometimes I should probably have a filter. I accept that. I take it seriously when I get it right and I do take responsibility when I get it wrong.”

Bee explained she tried to do right in her segment “on the atrocious treatment of migrant children by this administration and past administrations… Our piece attracted controversy of the worst kind.”

“We spent the day wrestling with the repercussions of one bad word when we all should have spent the day incensed that as a nation we are wrenching children from their parents and treating people legally seeking asylum as criminals,” Bee said.

“If we are OK with that then really, who are we?” she added.

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