Monday, November 29, 2021

Twitter Stories: Church Allegedly Bails Gateman Who Was Arrested For Raping A Minor

A church in Nigeria according to a Twitter user, @leedia_o, bailed their gateman that was arrested for rape and only suspended him and said that was enough punishment for his actions.

Her tweet came after a Twitter user pointed out that he noticed that his church never preaches to men not to rape, instead, they focus on telling women to cover up and dress decently.

Literally in all my years have never heard it in a church/school the condemnation of rape. I hear a lot of sermons/teachings about women dressing indecently. But never ever has any preacher/teacher said to the men of the congregation that rape is one of the worst of sins

She replied;

This gateman in my church raped a girl in his neighbourhood, was sent to jail/prison. Guess what? The church bailed him out after a week & suspended him from the church saying that should be enough punishment🤦🏾‍♀️



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