UK Set To Ease Year Long Lockdown

United Kingdom Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is set to announce his long-awaited road-map for taking England out of lock-down.

British government officials confirmed to Monday.

The Prime minister will tell the House of Commons on Monday afternoon that by March 8, schools will finally reopen across England. Also, some outdoor social interaction, including sitting on a park bench and having a coffee, which is currently not allowed would be allowed.

The Prime Minister will also announce that by March 29, further restrictions on social interactions will be lifted, allowing groups of six to meet outdoors and entire households to socialise.

However, amidst the re-opening plans, if the Covid-19 situation worsen in England, the country could be pushed back into another lockdown.

Boris Johnson is set to ease lockdown as vaccine rollout in the UK leads in Europe while scientific research indicates that vaccinations lower the risk of hospitalization up to 94 percent.

The announcement would be one of a four-step path out of lockdown. Johnson will tell lawmakers later that his government’s decisions “will be made on the latest data at every step, and taken will be cautious about the approach so that they don’t undo the progress we have achieved so far.”

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UK has been in full national lockdown since January 4 after new variants of coronavirus were found in parts of England. It expedited the spread of the virus and was said to be more dangerous.


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