Saturday, June 25, 2022

Untold Story Of How Oba Elegushi Lost His Only Son

This is how it was narrated by the Instagram user:

The story behind how Oba ELEGUSHI lost his only son.

Hello tueh tueh, that time wey this bas incident happen, I no Dey around to shed more light to it, and trust all these bloggers Na, Na half bake gist them Dey alwys post, Oba Elegushi lost his son, just like that? 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️how? What led to it, bloggers forget tell una say Na happiness meet sadness for the Elegushi house too, because the second wife just gave birth again, and after returning to the house from where she go born, Na the second day their only son die, so as it is now, Queen Seki and Queen HADIZA Na same same , both have girls now .

According to our source, the two wives are always at loggerheads as Sekinat refuse to take in HADIZA with her whole heart because she said she suffered with Oba Elegushi so HADIZA can’t come from nowhere and start reaping all the goodness, our source reveal it to us that Queen Sekinat keep telling people that the Oba can’t bore a male child and she has her reasons or saying that, and they should check Queen Hadiza’s son well to be sure, long story short, the second wife got pregnant again and the second pregnancy turned out to be a girl just like Sekinat have girls alone too, our source also reveals that the son was not sick and he was hale and hearty a day before he died, he was said to have just little fever and temperature , before we say jack robbinson the child is no more, prior to the passing of the prince,Queen HADIZA page handler on Instagram been doing the most, her caption is always,heir to the throne, iya Aremo, bla bla bla, the thing Dey cause fight well well for comment section then but who are we to question God as the thing wey happen don happen , Na wetin Yoruba Dey call idunu subu layo, as it is now, the two Queens are taking care of their girls respectively. We sympathize with the Elegushi kingdom, we also rejoice with them for their new addition and bundle of joy. I come in peace, igi ewedu oni wo pawa ooo

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