This was as the self acclaimed musician/entertainer, Tunde Ednut, posted on this instagram wall and was brought to our notice by Kemi Olunloyo who reposted.

Tunde stated that the Police in Atlanta paid him a surprise visit for something he posted in 2018 and he was shocked at the amount of details they had about him.

Kemi reposted recounting her findings about him living illegally in America. Read her post below.

‘TundeEednut visited by police in Atlanta, says they came to question him about child porn. Advises his followers to watch what they post online. He hasn’t noticed they have his address in Nigeria. Tunde those are immigration officials. One advice for you people that created a false post about me were sanctioned by instagram and the original creator even took it down. You were the only one who REFUSED to take it down. @marilyn_schmid_ even told you to do that you REFUSED and you have the nerves to tell ppl to watch what they post? Well I was deported from Canada for antagonizing gun laws in a political deportation that earned me praises and also tricked by Nigerian police who whisked me to Port Harcourt. Get yourself a lawyer, they are scheduling your removal. Know the tricks of the system. @instablog9ja first carried your illegal Immigration in October 2018, I just dug into it further and stop DEFAMING me by posting WHAT I DIDN’T POST. SWIPE TO SEE what you continued to carry even when the creator deleted it. Stop making money off DEFAMING me.
#KemiOlunloyo – #regrann