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VIDEO: Father Mbaka Criticizes Peter Obi For Refusing To Donate To His Church, Warns Him Of Election Failure

Father Mbaka of Adoration Ministeries, has criticized Peter Obi for being reluctant to make a donation to his church during their Harvest and Bazaar and he warned Peter Obi that if he continues in the way he is going, he and Atiku will lose the 2019 presidential election.

Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka’s ministry was having their 2018 harvest and bazaar and a lot of dignitaries and politicians were present, including former Anambra state governor, Peter Obi, and Senator Hope Uzodinma.

In a video shared online, which is being highly criticized by social media users, Mbaka promised that on the 31st of December, he will make predictions regarding the future of the nation. He warned that Presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar isn’t going about his campaign the right way and threatened that he will lose if he continues this way.

Mbaka then invited Peter Obi to make a donation to the church.

While speaking, Obi promised to deliver Mbaka’s message to Atiku. Peter Obi also said that he’s eager to hear what predictions the Reverend has to make about the future of Nigeria come 31st of December, considering that there’s so much hunger in the land and a change is needed. He added that even if the prediction doesn’t favour him, he will listen to it and accept it because Mbaka is a servant of God.

When he was done speaking, Mbaka pointed out that Peter Obi subtly used the opportunity to campaign for himself by pointing out that there’s hunger in the land. Mbaka told Obi that there has always been hunger in the land, even when Jonathan was the president. Mbaka went on to say that he wants Atiku to be present while making his campaign promises so he can look him in the face as he makes those promises. He said he wants Atiku to tell him what “magic” he plans to do.

He said:

I want Atiku to be here while saying this so I can look at his mouth as he talks, so he’ll tell me what kind of magic he plans to do.

Mbaka went on to tell Peter Obi to inform Atiku that the way he’s going about things isn’t the right way.

Mbaka added that if Atiku continues in the way he is going, he doesn’t need to wait till the 31st of December to predict that he has already failed.

Mbaka said:

Tell him not to wait till 31st for the prophecy. If he continues like this, 31st is too far.

Mbaka then goes on to ask Peter Obi, again, to make a donation to the church’s project but Obi promised to see Mbaka later and donate in private. Unimpressed, Mbaka went on to tell him that he is acting like a politician and trying to avoid making a donation.

Mbaka then mentioned that Orji Uzor Kalu was meant to be present at the bazaar but a recent surgery kept him from coming. Mbaka added that the former Abia State Governor was willing to attend the bazaar and personally make his donations but he (Mbaka) encouraged him to stay back and recover properly.

Mbaka then criticized Peter Obi for not being a cheerful, willing giver.

Mbaka said to Obi:

God hates stinginess. This thing I’m saying, I’m not saying it to please you, I’m saying what will save your life, otherwise you and Atiku will fail.

At this point, Peter Obi’s wife touches her husband, leans in and whispers to him, as though encouraging him to donate.

Mbaka continues:

If there’s a place where they will sugar coat the truth for you, it is not on the altar of Mbaka.

Listen, if there’s someone who is telling you what is right, you can save your political destiny. Otherwise, come 2019, you people will not even know how the election will be done. You will not even understnad how it will go.

He continued criticizing Peter Obi for being reluctant to make a donation. He said it was wrong that Obi came to the church and, rather than donate to the project, even if done anonymously, he’s claiming he will see the man of God later.

At this point, Peter Obi and his wife can be seen looking extremely embarrassed as Peter Obi tries to explain himself. His wife brings out a polythene bag and hands to her husband but Mbaka interrupts them.

Mbaka continues to admonish Obi, saying:

Listen to me, if you have something to give, say you will give it anonymously, not telling me that we will see later.

There’s something you’re getting yourself into. The Vice President of the whole country is not a scout, he’s not a mass server.

Mbaka added that someone from Ebonyi had already made a huge donation and another had done same, but Peter Obi was proving difficult.

He then goes on to warn, saying:

The way you and Atiku are moving will end in shame.

He continues:

Since you haven’t given us support, the ministry has still been moving smoothly on its own. The highest thing we need here is the Holy Spirit, Jesus, The Father.

He concluded by asking God to bless Peter then asked for the bazaar to continue. He then handed the microphone to Senator Hope Uzodinma to make his donation as Peter Obi and his wife continued to hold a discussion behind him.

As Uzodinma addressed the crowd, Obi and his wife touched Mbaka and handed him a nylon bag. At this point in the video, Mbaka becomes affable and offers the couple a smile then begins speaking with them.

Meanwhile, during Senator Hope Uzodinma’s speech, he said he was there on behalf of president Buhari and he’s going to read a speech from the president. He then goes on to say that Buhari, though a Muslim, is participating in the bazaar. He went on to communicate the president’s promises to the church.

He said that Buhari promised that by the end of January, they would have completed the building of a first class medical centre in the location of Mbaka’s ministry. This promised was greeted with loud cheers. He also added that the letter of award for the project will be given to the contractor today, Monday, December 3, 2018.

He also added that president Buhari gave him 2 million Naira to donate to Father Ejike Mbaka’s ministry.

Social media users have criticized the video and accuse Mbaka of losing his way and going after money.

Below are comments from social media users and the controversial video.


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