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VP Yemi Osinbajo’s Shoemaker Sudden Death Explained – Kemi Olunloyo

OJ Best, a shoemaker, suddenly died on Friday, and a lot was said that led to the 28 year old’s death. The popular entrepreneur is also known to provide his services to Nigeria’s Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo.

In an exclusive report by Journalist Kemi Olunloyo, how the young man led a normal life the previous day before his death was detailed alongside an interview of the deceased’s brother.

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CAUSE OF DEATH The sudden death of the shoe cobbler shocked everyone but no media reported his cause of death. Today I interviewed his older brother Joshua Omale via phone in Abuja. Many false narratives online. Here’s what really happened.

woke up and went about his day, hung out with his family, Joshua and sister then played snooker and watched a soccer game in a viewing center. In the middle of all this he bought a Sharwama home for his sister who later cooked some noodles for him then he went to bed.

Joshua wants me to tell the public that they shouldn’t read meanings to his death because they are a close knit Christian family and thus why they took him to church after the hospital had declared him dead @Ojbest5 died in his sleep. They woke up the next day couldn’t revive him

Many influencers reported that he had an attack of some sort and he was in a coma having spoken to his sister. However that wasn’t the case. Joshua told me that he simply never woke up again. He stated that @Ojbest5 was healthy, had no ailments and they were DEVASTATED about this

Asked if the family will opt for an autopsy of what exactly killed him, he sad no. Once they knew he had passed away, they took his lifeless body to the church to pray for him in hopes of “opening his eyes again, an autopsy cannot being him back, we tried prayer, #OJBest is gone”

#OJBest will be laid to rest in his Kogi hometown today. A service of songs held last night in Abuja where he worked. He made news in a tweet asking Nigerian 🇳🇬VP @ProfOsinbajo to patronize his shoe biz. Joshua has broken the devastating news to their mom. He was 28

I asked elder brother Joshua Omale about plans to continue the shoe business, he told me that his brother #OJBest had a set of dedicated employees and they also want the legacy to continue however it’s too early to say. May his soul Rest In Peace AMEN 🙏🏾 🕊💔⚰️🇳🇬

@PrinceYoung416 @Ojbest5 @DareAdeboye @IYSexxy’s mom are among young and old that died in their sleep and were perfectly healthy, some even had autopsies performed…their heart just STOPPED 💔
May they all #RIP

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