Tuesday, January 18, 2022

WELLNESS AFRICA! The New Big Thing In Town!

This is a new brand floated by Dr. Kemi Olunloyo, Journalist and Health specialist. She is coming out of her retirement today to kick start this new brand. And yes! it is going to be about what the name implies and even more.

We will try to get in touch with her to speak more on this but for the meantime, this is what she posted on Instagram below.

I have to LEAVE this page now. It’s my first time at work since my arrest March 14th 2017. Two and a half years. My new brand is opened now, it is @WellnessAfrica and will be focused on ALL AFRICANS.

Africa is the future. Nobody is trying to get to Africa illegally, there is no measles epidemic, there is no school and workplace gun violence, I’m going to fight the lingering drug epidemic with education. Discuss freely, nobody blocked, but remember DO NOT DISTORT MY EXPERT MEDICAL ADVICE. It is not just a health page but a lifestyle page too. Also DM Zoie Perez my publicist for adverts. Fridays, I will do Network Day where you advertise your business FREE. Do not advertise on my conversation threads. You will be BLOCKED by Zoie. She is my publicist and in charge of the DM. Reach me in my own DM @kemiolunloyo

My tagline is #improveAfrica®🌍 I will CLOSE COMMENTS on this verified personal page at 5pm. Pls shift over and enjoy my new brand of Journalism.

YOU WILL LIKE IT!!🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Thank u for welcoming me back.


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  1. Why do you keep reposting her lies? Who is more pathetic? The washed up loser Kemi Oodlesofnoodles or people like you who believe her? This is not a freedom of speech issue. You have tried to scam people on her behalf. You are a criminal.just like Kemi. Do you think anybody is going to care about you if you were to disappear? Hahaha

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