Monday, January 17, 2022

Wendy Williams Cuts Estranged Husband Off Financially

UNITED STATES- Wendy Williams, 54, has reportedly cut her estranged husband Kevin Hunter off from her money and has hired a team to ensure all of her finances are safe and secure.

Hunter, 47, reportedly used Wendy’s money to finance his affair with another woman which lasted for over 10 years. But now that Wendy has served him divorce papers, she has also reportedly cut the purse strings.

For years, as the rumours of the affair between Kevin and Sharina Hudson, 34, swirled, it appeared Wendy wasn’t doing anything about it. But according to TMZ, Wendy went about separating their funds and creating new accounts in anticipation of this day.

As soon as it was revealed that Kevin had welcomed a child with Sharina, Wendy, who once said she would tolerate anything except an outside baby, set her plan in motion.

Reports say Wendy waited until her son went off to college before she put Plan B into motion. She has now moved into a fancy apartment in Manhattan close to her job at Chelsea Studios after it was revealed that she asked Kevin to pack his things and get out of the house they shared.

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