What Islam Says About Dying Of Hair And What Colour To Use

By Dr Sharaffudeen Gbadebo Raji
Extracted from Radio Fiqhu fid-deen and transcribed by Amuletola

All praise belongs to Allah.

Firstly, Islam permits that one whose all hair on his head has turned grey, or whose all hair on his chin has turned grey to dye it. But what type of dye? That dye must not be black. It would be brown like the colour of henna (laali).

If it were that some parts are grey on our head or chin, and some parts is not grey, we would be patient till everything becomes grey. Do not be in a haste, when all of it becomes grey is when you apply dye to it — a dye that is made from henna is that which you will apply.

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What if I leave everything grey such that I do not dye it? There is nothing wrong with that.

But Allah bestowed me black hair, so I want to turn it to white; He bestowed me black hair, I want to change it to blue; He bestowed me with black hair but I want to change it to green — Islam does not accept these. This is because it is from what the believers use in imitating the disbelievers. And Islam says ‘ Whoever imitates a people is one of them’. May Allah have mercy on us.