What You Need To Know As Germany Reopens Borders

Germany has announced plans for reopening its borders. Borders will be reopened in a staggered manner, on a country-by-country basis.

The first measures start on Saturday. The next wave will start on June 15.

The plans are subject to change if the coronavirus pandemic changes course.

Germany closed almost all its borders on March 16 and has only been allowing entry for people with a valid reason to travel, such as truck drivers, cross-border commuters and medical professionals. This non-exhaustive list may be expanded soon. It has an official travel warning against any foreign holidays until at least June 14.

The border with Luxembourg will be completely opened on Saturday. No more restrictions will apply to travel to and from Luxembourg.

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The borders with France, Austria and Switzerland will have reduced controls. Instead of constant inspections. Random controls will be carried out, easing traffic for commuters and others who have permission to cross. Additionally, more border crossing points will be opened, with the same rules. Business trips and family visits will be allowed.

The German government is pursuing “free travel in Europe” by mid-June.

Germany’s borders to France, Austria and Switzerland will be completely opened. No restrictions will apply.

Entry from other countries may be allowed, but that has not been entirely decided yet.