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Whitny Elizabeth Houston After 10 Years – Kemi Olunloyo

Nigerian journalist and Public Relations specialist, Kemi Olunloyo gone down memory lane remembering her friend and music icon late Whitney Houston, who died 10 years ago. 
Read below:
August 9th 1963-February 11th 2012
I am truly saddened and shocked to hear that Whitney died on that fateful day Saturday Feb 11th 2012 at 3.55pm PT. She was a true PERSONAL friend. I met Whitney on the set of her ex-husband’s reality show “Being Bobby Brown.” It was at that time that I truly saw the effect of addiction on Whitney. She and I developed a friendship that was so close that she told me everything going on with her and Bobby. We became such great friends on the set. I was the only known entertainment blogger at that time in 2004 when blogging was still evolving. My former blog was now defunct.
On this particular day in these photos, she was shooting on the set at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Buckhead, Atlanta and it was a casual set. Bobbi Kristina, her only child and even the dog was there. I have more pics of their memorable life. It was to be the last episode of BBB reality show. The last thing I told Whitney is “Look to God and never let the Devil take over.” This is the LAST time I saw her as I left Atlanta for Nigeria.
I spoke to her a few times on the phone years later in Canada with the last time being August 2011 when I suggested to her to “retire” and be a Judge on X-factor, Idol or similar talent shows. In my opinion, she spiraled down after the 2010 Grammy nomination blow. Her comeback CD “I look to you” was SNUBBED. Whitney went back to street drugs. Even though not confirmed yet, more than likely, people were already speculating that Whitney may have died of substance abuse or a combination of things. I want to remember Whitney for the song “The Greatest Love of all.” She sang….. “I believe that the children are the future.” May she rest in peace and may Bobbi Kristina find peace in this tragedy of losing her mom. Little did I know Krissy will also pass away 3 years later. I covered Krissy’s 13th birthday party as Whitney invited me to this memorable event and that was the last time I physically saw Krissy.
Last time I saw Whitney performing was in a video at Bobby Brown’s mother Carole’s funeral in 2011. Carole was once her mother-in-law. I interviewed Carole in 2005 about all the drug use in the marriage to Bobby and it was aired on an Atlanta Radio station shocking everyone when Carole said that Whitney introduced her son to “white powders” referring to cocaine and heroin. Carole stated that Bobby was only into weed and did not. Later after her death we would learn that it was her own brother Gary who really introduced her to the drug crack.
Today marks 10 years a phenomenal woman left us.
Dr Kemi Olunloyo 🇳🇬
February 11th 2022

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