Tuesday, December 7, 2021

William Saliba Has Renounced Been An Arsenal Player

William Saliba appeared in a YouTube video for Arsenal’s media department alongside compatriot Alexandre Lacazette, and Saliba questioned whether he can truly be counted as a Gunners player.

The duo were asked to name French Arsenal players from down the years, as part of a game.

Saliba started by naming Thierry Henry.

To which Lacazette, 29, instantly hit back by saying ‘Saliba’.

The 19-year-old, however, was awkward in his reply.

He hit back, while laughing: “I haven’t played yet!”

Lacazette then giggled too, replying: “Of course. Oh, but you signed! Does Saliba count or no?”

The teen reasoned: “I don’t play, so…

“No, I didn’t play!”

Lacazette fired: “But you signed for the club, it’s the same.”

But Saliba didn’t back down: “No, no. He said French players.”

Lacazette finished the exchange by saying ‘Sorry I didn’t know’ before naming himself.

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Saliba has not featured in a single matchday squad in the Premier League this term, and was left out of Mikel Arteta’s 25-man squad for the Europa League.

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