Saturday, December 2, 2023

Woman Without Womb Gives Birth After Prayers In Christ Holy Church (Video)

A man of God working with Christ Holy Church International has shared a mind-blowing testimony of how a woman who had her womb surgically removed owing to some earlier medical complications gave birth.
Christ Holy Church International which is easily known as Odozi Obodo (Nation Builders) among locals is known for many strange miracles.
In the video shared by the church staff Emmanuel Chitufo the woman can be heard explaining how her rites in her marital home were about to be denied her since she has no male child and no hopes of having (no womb) which pushed her to go for adoption.
The woman was also heard saying she did not even realize she was pregnant until people started telling her. She only rested and believed the confirmation after visiting the thrid hospital
Evangelist Emmanuel wrote: Another Mind-Blowing testimony.
Ten years ago after giving birth to her Only daughter, There were complications and the doctor reported that her womb would be removed to avoid further damages
The surgery was done and her womb was removed….
She adopted a Boy after some years knowing that it is medically Impossible to conceive again without a womb.
She encountered the God of Odozi Obodo, revelations were given to her and she was assured that God will turn things around, She carried out the Instructions given to her.
After a while after having some signs she was compelled to go for a tes which she did and the result was wonderful!!!…She was pregnant…
How can a woman without a womb get pregnant?
She visited two other hospitals for confirmation and she was confirmed Pregnant by three hospitals.
I have seen and Heard testimonies but this particular one got me speechless.
What God cannot do does not exist.
Hail the God of Miracle
Hail the God of Odozi Obodo
Hail the God of Omena nwata
Our God is good.
Watch the video HERE

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