Saturday, November 26, 2022

Yul Edochie: Judy’s Ex Husband Speaks, Reportedly Says He Fathered The New Born Baby

There seems to be chaos brewing in the Edochie camp as an old flame blows hot. A man claiming to be the ex-husband of Judy Austin is making the rounds claiming he is the father of Yul Edochie’s love child.

It might be all confusing but hear the man out and take your decision.

Hello tueh tueh, Judy Ex husband don come out to talk oo,him talk say the new pikin sef na him get am no be Yul, God of Mayuledochie in action不不不shey wahala no come too much like this, GLB NATION una remember that time wey I break this Yul and Judy gist, I tell una say she get two pikin before for one man and na the man send am go school pay him brideprice before Judy begin knack Yul, as it is now , Judy no allow the man see him pikin again because of Yul,the man still talk say even tho them quarrel and him rent house for judy to stay alone with the two kids,him talk say as at when Judy Carry belle go give yul the two of them still knack so he likely make the pikin belong to am not yul, secondly Judy no allow am see him other two kids , GLB NATION how we go settle this matter now, this man even talk say make I bring am come live video he wants to explain to the whole world how the matter takw Stat, GLB NATION shey make we ng am come live video abi make we waka pass, this matter is really messy ooo,Yul in the poto poto ooo,the I voice note Long I Will Play the rest soon ,I dey come

He went on to give details how Yul reportedly wrecked his marriage and how he is yet to see his kids

Okay na the other part of the video be this wey, the live video maybe na tomorrow because I go arrange who go interview am as jeanlover is faceless不不不will get a trusted person and let the person log in for our page so the interview go sweet , the man also reveal say the lawyer wey h hire,Judy sleep with two of them just to Dabaru the case and pepper him, when the man reached out to me he was crying, he say Judy show am shege because of yul and both Yul and Judy don deny am access to him kids, I dey come make I drop some pictures now so our online judge and panel of judges go fit tell us the result , I dey come ,igi Ewedu oni wo pawa ooo

Juxtaposing the said fathers and the son

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