Saturday, January 22, 2022

BREAKING: Senator Solomon Yayi In Alleged Sex Scandal With Actress Jumoke Otedola

An Instagram blogger popular for exposing celebrities and top government officials has now reportedly exposed Senator Solomon Yayi, a Nigerian politician served as the Senator from Lagos West from 2011 to 2015 and his alleged side hen, actress Jumoke Otedola.

The blogger (Gistlover) went on to describe how the senator bought the actress a house and has been passing her on from one politician to another. Jumoke who is also said to be popular for her affairs with married men was expected to keep her huge gift from the senator who is set to buy her a car, quiet.

See the post as seen on Instagram:

Hello tueh tueh, meet Jumoke Odetola Idamu industry, wey Dey use PUNA scatter homes but she got the very calm look and Na coded geh.
Senator Yayi constituency y’all should come out ooo, e bode ooo, Yayi don use una money buy house for Jumoke odetola ooo, Yayi should be probed ooo, they bought the house codedly so Yayi wife and his constituency won’t query him but the Matter later cast oooo, jumoke is known for the habit of going after peoples husband codedly without the wife suspecting, Yayi has been the one linking her up to all the government officials she’s been rolling with recently, he is planing on buying her a new car now, Yayi wife and constituency Na here una money Dey enter ooo, after jumoke spent years chopping Abbey Jomo prick,her next stop Na Yayi ooo, owo mekunu ti ba obo looooo( money meant for masses don go ontop PUNA ooo) yeyebrities are doing the most ooo, Na them go first shout end SARS ooo and Na ontop their head all these greedy government Dey spend the money ooo, Aunty Medula oblaganta na lie oo, your real name Na medula OBOlenta, i come in peace, igi ewedu oni wo pawa oo

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